Hammerhedd is:

Henry- Guitar, Vocals

Eli- Drums

Abe- Bass

Hammerhedd is a trio of brothers who love to play and listen to metal. Some of our main influences include Gojira, Exodus, Havok, Rush, Mastodon, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Demolition Hammer, Meshuggah, Led Zeppelin, Death, Morbid Angel, Testament, Annihlator, Power Trip, Vektor, and many more.

Hammerhedd was formed in 2012 when our parents introduced us to some classic rock and bought us beginner instruments.  Since then, we have played dozens of gigs in the Kansas City metro area.

In November 2018, we released our first EP entitled "Essence of Iron." It was engineered by Dan Whitmer, mixed by Josh Cole, and mastered by David Sanchez.  

We plan to have another release out soon, so stay tuned!



Photo courtesy of Jeff Ulfhednar Allee

© 2018 by Hammerhedd